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Digital Freelancing: Top Freelancing Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Are you thinking that your job is not permanent? Are you thinking to achieve something in your life? Do u want to be your own boss for your company? Do you want a steady source of income? So that you can have mental peace and a feeling of safety and security?

If your answer is yes, then this article will change your life style and it will open up your mind towards Digital Marketing. Most of the freelancing opportunities mentioned in this article can be done on the side while you are doing your job. A side hustle is very important because you never know when you might get kicked out of your job.

Why You should take digital freelancing ?

  • You will get an additional source of income.
  • It increases your Income stability and multiple sources of income from multiple clients for your successful freelancing projects.
  • Creating Multiple services and market positioning for your company so that you need not be afraid of the competition in the market.
  • We have a larger Opportunity to work from home, travel, spend more time with family members.
  • It reduces our stress level.
  • There is no proper uniform or dress code required to be a digital freelancer.
  • Transportation expenses will not be required.


The main problem for every business in this world is that they are not knowing how to drive traffic and make sales on their website.

There is no business in this world that says that they don’t need traffic for their website.

When there is a need for a person in a company who can drive traffic to their page and to increase sales for their business. So, if u know how to drive traffic and increase sales for

Now lets see how to generate traffic for websites and pages.


Search Engine Optimization is used to rank in google and generate free traffic without spending a penny on the advertisement. so if u know to find the right keywords and build their website SEO friendly u can charge the client in cost per word SEO is one of the highest in-demand skills and almost as much as Digital Marketing itself. If you can merge your SEO skill with your digital marketing skill also. so that u become awesome in the market and you can charge more for your projects.

2.Social Media Marketing;

Social media is a very powerful tool which helps business to increase their reach and their brand and it also acts as a platform to interact with the audience and we can get to know the market need of the audience in the marketing world.

The SMM platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter help for social media marketing. As a freelancer, U can make social media strategy and u can create Social media strategy for the social media pages and charge around RS.5000-10000/per page management.

Paid Advertising 

The paid advertisement plays a vital role in this business world. The paid ads help the business to reach a new audience and increase sales for the business. It is both inbound and outbound marketing.

It increases engagement and fetches awesome revenue for your business and it increases the ROI also.

You should know to target the right audience and start the ad campaign and u should know to use the tracking pixels and re-marketing the Visitors using re-marketing campaigns.

The platforms like Google Ads and FB Ads will help to u fetch B2C leads and linked in helps to fetch B2B leads for the business.

3. Lead Generation

Lead Magnets:

You can create lead magnets for your clients using a landing page by providing some free ebook or free course which forces the visitor to enter their email id and contact details so that u can take leads to our CRM and Nurture the leads.

Lead Nurturing (Email & Marketing Automation):

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with prospects throughout the purchase funnel. It keeps potential customers in your sales funnel by engaging and educating them, providing value, and building awareness about your products and services.

You should learn how to fetch leads using lead magnets and convert the leads from cold to warm leads if u want to do this u need follow up marketing in mail using a drip marketing sequence.

A freelancer can charge a monthly charge to customers for this lead nurturing and follow-up Mail sequence.

5. Sales as a Service:

Content will be of no use if u don’t know the skill of selling. Traffic is of no use if you don’t know how to convert visitors into. Leads are of no use if you cannot convert them into sales. Without sales, you will not make enough money to reinvest back into content creation, or traffic generation, or lead management. Sales close the cycle.

Many businesses out there in the market have a very poor sales team. They have random salespeople due to cost efficiency Sales when not executed properly it will affect the brand of the company.

You can offer sales as sales and earn a commission based on sales. You can also be an affiliate where you are earning on the sales of other’s products and services.

You can sell products via Email, Blogposts, Videos, Webinars, 121 Sales calls, or even 121 sales meetings offline.

If you don’t understand the proper market need and satisfy the needs of the consumer instead of u creating a product and selling in the market.

If u are good at sales u can fetch sales for other businesses out there in the market which u can provide this service as a freelancer.

U can charge a commission basis for the sales which u have fetched for that particular lead that is generated so the business will be happy to pay u the commission for every sale u make.

5. WordPress and Website Creation

Mostly 70% percent of the websites are made with WordPress using a drag and drop feature. So every business which needs to be in internet and make E-sales by creating E-commerce platforms requires a web devloper who can make the website in the very great manner.

There is a huge oppurtunity and market demand for web devlopers.

Features of wordpress:

  • WordPress is open source and few features are free to use
  • Easy To Install. To get started with WordPress is a breeze as it has a simple and quick process of installation. …
  • Easy To Use. The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease. …
  • Responsive Design templates
  • Media Management options to add videos, audio, etc
  • Multiple Theme Options to create a page instantly
  • Plugins for Customization of the page
  • Flexibility to work
  • WooCommerce for E-commerce integrations.

A freelancer can also charge from RS 20,000 to 2 lac per website according to the need of the customer and features of website.

6. Graphic Designing:

The graphic designer plays an important role in the field of digital marketing. what services u can products we can provide as a digital designer. how to design attractive colorful posts using color theory

Ad Banner Design:

The digital graphic designers are required for creating posters and ad banners for the paid ad campaigns in social media handles. They create many attractive posters to grab the attention of the audience.

The graphic designing service can be provided as a freelancer and the designer can charge a cost per 100 posters or monthly basis payments.

Social Media & Content Assets:

Businesses need good graphics for social media promotion like creating some content for the page like creating memes, posters, some valuable information, etc.

The content should be attractive and catchy for the user to intract with that particular post.

Website Coding:

The website coders are having a great market because every business requires website and the website designers are in demand they charge more than rs. 50000 per website.

Mobile App Development:

The app devlopment is chaning the world to M marketing If u know to develop app you might become the most trending market oppurtunity for earning money asa freelancer you can create many apps like taxi booking, food booking, e-commerce sites, etc…

Other Freelancing Opportunities

Based on my research, I have mentioned few digital freelancing opportunities that anyone can get into, starting with the basic goingwill become expert.

Here are some of the other freelancing opportunities that came up in my research

1.. online mentoring

2. content creator science

4. e commerce strategy

5.Language tutor

There are lots of opportunities available to work as a freelancer and earn lots of money from the comfort of your home you can take digital freelancing seriously in your interested niche so that u can fetch awesome revenue at your comfort of house.

I have made a small video on Top 7 digital freelancing opportunities available click here

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